What Sets Us Apart

Pediatric dentistry involves so much more than teeth. As oral healthcare professionals, we can make a difference in a child’s life by practicing proactive, not reactive, dentistry. We are dedicated to seeking out the most innovative and effective approaches to patient care.

Since we are specialists in treating children and patients with special needs, we love creating a positive, successful dental experience.

  • We provide all levels of sedation, including nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.
  • We offer orthodontic care right here in our office, which allows our dentists and orthodontist to work collaboratively to create beautiful, healthy smiles!
  • Our world-class facility was designed and built from the ground up specifically for the care of children of all ages.

Our Purpose

To create a dental experience that prepares kids for a lifetime of healthy dental visits and happy smiles.

Our Beliefs

  • Working with children is a privilege and an honor.
  • We must be a place where kids feel loved and cared for.
  • We can make a difference in a child’s life.
  • Dental disease is treatable. It is an infectious process, not a hole in a tooth.
  • The best dentistry is proactive, not reactive.
  • Pediatric dentistry involves much more than teeth.
  • We are committed to seeking out the most innovative and effective approaches to patient care.

Infant Dental Visits

Good habits are easier to establish before bad ones set in. Therefore, the most effective preventive programs are ones that start early: before the child’s first birthday.

We provide valuable individualized information for parents and caregivers for the cost of an office visit. Insurance companies recognize the value of these appointments too and will usually cover them.

No-Fault Dentistry

If your child has cavities, rather than feel unnecessarily guilty, we want you to be positioned to move forward. Cavities are not a product of bad parenting, they are the result of a bacterial infection. Our staff takes valuable time to help you discover and uncover habits that may threaten your little one’s smile without making you feel bad.

Individualized Care: Cavity Risk Assessments and More

Each child’s risk level for cavities is different, so we give every patient an individualized prescription for health. Your son or daughter will receive a hygiene update at each check-up appointment. Caregivers should be prepared to receive personalized attention too, because our appointments involve partnering with parents.

Education, Motivation, and Communication

We place extra emphasis on making sure you get the information you need to make educated decisions and excellent choices for your family's wellness. Our staff is trained to clearly explain dental terms and provide encouragement to our parents. We strive to excel in communication with both parents and children. 

Financial Options and Arrangements

We want to see your child receive the care he or she needs. Most of the dentistry required in our office is not elective or cosmetic, so denying or delaying treatment often has implications for your youngster’s dental future. Whether you are self-pay or have insurance benefits, we have options in place to help you finance your child’s dental care.

Sedation Alternatives

We feel you are better served when you have the ability to choose. Not all pediatric dental offices offer conscious sedation, but we have found this to be a valuable alternative to nitrous oxide and general anesthesia in our office. 

Emergency Visits and Appointments

No one can predict when your child will have an emergency. We work emergency patients into our schedule and have a doctor on call at all times.

Early and Traditional Orthodontics

We think in terms of more than just straight teeth. We monitor your child’s facial development, airway, tongue habits, and swallowing patterns as he or she ages, and we can identify whether your son or daughter will benefit from early orthodontic intervention.

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