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Mission Statment

Our number one priority is our patients.  This attitude is reflected in everything we do. Our experienced doctors treat patients with the latest advances in orthodontics. From the newly remodeled design of our office, to our computerized patient’s records and our appointment and financial accommodations, our office is totally committed to our patients. 

We work hard to give you a healthy and beautiful smile. We believe that the best care is specialized, comprehensive and up-to-date.  With that in mind, it is important to know that our friendly staff includes specialists in appliance fabrication, insurance and appointment scheduling, oral hygiene instruction, and more. 

All of our clinical assistants are Registered Dental Assistants trained to give you’re the best care possible.  More importantly, our entire staff regularly attends advanced continuing education programs so that we can continue to maintain the highest level of orthodontic treatment for our patients. 

We are dedicated to excellence in Orthodontics!

Office Hours:

Tuesdays, Fridays, SATURDAYS!!
(Varying during the month, approximately once per week)

Tuesday:          8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Friday:             8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Saturday:         8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Staff Members:

Dr. Will Schlicher – Orthodontist

Lianne – Registered Dental Assistant / Orthodontic Coordinator

Sarah – Registered Dental Assistant

Heather – Registered Dental Assistant

Kjerstin - Registered Dental Assistant

Nicki – Registered Dental Assistant      

Cindy – Front Office Administrator

Karin – Front Office Administrator / Registered Dental Assistant

Diagnostic Records

If  Dr. Schlicher determines that it is the proper time to proceed with treatment, he recommends obtaining diagnostic orthodontic records.  These records include study models of the teeth and specific diagnostic orthodontic x-rays and photographs.  Dr. Schlicher carefully analyzes these records to confirm the diagnosis and to verify the individual treatment plan best suited to treat the patient’s orthodontic problem.


Dr. Schlicher is here several times during the month, approximately once per week.  Your appointments will be on Tuesdays, Fridays or SATURDAYS!  Please remember that for school-age children, dental appointments are school-excused absences.

Oral Hygiene

We place a great deal of emphasis on our patients keeping their teeth, gums and braces immaculately clean!  We will work with you to improve your oral hygiene so that you have a clean, healthy mouth.

Dental Care 

During orthodontic treatment, it is very important to maintain your regular dental care schedule with Dr. Josh.  We recommend regular dental exams every six months during orthodontic treatment, or more frequently if deemed necessary to maintain good oral hygiene.


We utilize the most current state-of-the-art sterilization techniques to guarantee the cleanliness of instruments used during the treatment process.  We autoclave our instruments and we regularly test our autoclaves to ensure that our instruments are sterile.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

At your consultation, Dr. Schlicher will give you an estimated fee for the proposed orthodontic treatment.  That fee will be confirmed after Dr. Schlicher has reviewed the diagnostic records.  Records consist of plaster study models of the teeth, a series of orthodontic x-rays and diagnostic photographs.  Study models and x-rays are billed separately to take advantage of the payment practices of some insurance companies.  Procedures that may be associated with treatment but completed outside of our office, such as records made at a dental lab or procedures performed by your family dentist or other specialists, are not included in the orthodontic fee in our office. 

After diagnostic records have been completed and analyzed by Dr. Schlicher, he will consult with you to verify the treatment plan.

Orthodontic Fees and Insurance Coverage

There are various financial plans available to fit within your family’s budget.  Usually the orthodontic fee is paid over a period of time.  Generally, about twenty five percent of the treatment fee is required at the start of treatment with equal monthly payments to pay the balance.  Dr. Schlicher also offers a five percent courtesy reduction in the treatment fee for payment in full.  Also available are plans with zero down and equal monthly payments over an extended period of time that are conveniently arranged through a bank.  Our financial coordinator is familiar with working with company flex plans and modified payment plans to better suit your needs.  For your convenience, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, and Debit Card transactions.  Please feel free to call our office to speak to our financial coordinators, Cindy or Karin, for further information regarding any specific concerns you may wish to discuss.

Orthodontic insurance is a significant benefit, and we will help you receive your maximum benefits.  Most insurance companies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit as opposed to the on going general dental coverage.  We accept all fee-for-service insurance plans that pay directly to us. The estimated insurance benefit is subtracted from the total treatment fee, and the remaining balance is set up with a convenient payment plan.  Our financial coordinator will research how best to secure your maximum insurance benefit.  Our office will handle the filing of the orthodontic claim, and any continuation of treatment forms, for the covered portion of the treatment fee.  However, if your benefits change during the course of treatment, the financially responsible party remains accountable for all charges.

Please promptly notify us of any additions or changes in your dental insurance coverage to ensure continued insurance payments for the patient’s orthodontic treatment.

We make every effort to allow you to achieve your goal of a healthy mouth and a SUPER SMILE.  Together we can make that happen.

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